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Will registry -Total peace of mind  

Willsafe will registration service was established in 2010 to offer will registration and related services. It is important that your loved ones know where your will is located.  You may also include details of other important documents during the registration process and even state your organ donor status and burial wishes

Why register your will?

Will Registration - Willsafe Registry

According to statistics, surveys and my personal experience:

You may want to keep the contents and stipulations of your will a secret until after your passing.

You don't want people to know that you have made a will.  This is understandable as your relationships may be affected if persons know the contents of your will. According to our surveys, most people feel they will prevent feuds if the contents of their wills are not known.

Many testators (the person making a will) entrust their wills with executors, solicitors or lawyers. Circumstances change and your beneficiaries may not know which lawyer or solicitor to contact after your passing.

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Naude vs Estate Kahn

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Case 640/11

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Welcome to the South African Registry of Wills and Testaments' website. Willsafe operates an online national Will Register where the administrative details of a person’s Last Will and Testament, including Living Will details and organ donor status, can be recorded on an online searchable database.

The aim of the Willsafe website is to serve as a central online register where the administrative details of Wills and Testaments may be obtained once recorded. We offer members of the public and professionals free and open access to the Will Register to collaborate as social partners in the Willsafe public interest initiative. The contents of a person's Will remain private as the terms are not recorded nor do we accept Wills.

Most people do not know whether their loved ones have executed a Will, where the original might be kept or who has been nominated to wind up the financial affairs of the deceased. This is the very issue Willsafe endeavours to address.

By registering your Will on this website you will ensure that your Will is located at the time of your passing, your wishes are adhered to and your loved ones taken care of.